TAICANG GOLDENMA INTELLIGENT EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD.,established in 2006, is located in Power-plant Industrial Zone,Chengxiang Town, Taicang City, Jiangsu Province. The company has a veryconvenient transportation with the Yangtze River in the east, Shanghaiin the south and Suzhouin the west. And it is 1.5 kilometers away from Shuangfeng Exit of Ring Highway in Suzhou, only 20 kilometers away from Deep-water Wharf of Taicang Port,and just 40 kilometers away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport.

   The company covers an area of 15000 square meters that includes over8000-square-meter manufacturing workshop and over 2000-square-meter assemblyworkshop, with 20-ton lifting capacity. It professionally engages in match-productionof welding parts and machining parts for equipment manufacturing industries offorging, wind power, beverage, paper, motor and semiconductor. The company hasa complete set of advanced equipment of riveting, welding and machining, suchas the CNC fire plasma cutter of U.S. Haibao MICOEDGE CNC system, theworld-class U.S. Miller CO2 gas-shielded welding machine, the CNC bendingmachine, the CNC guillotine machine, the coiling machine, the hydraulic press,the CNC lathe and the CNC gantry machining center.Besides, the company also hashexagon three-dimensional gantry testing equipment with high precision. 

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