Romania metal components construction market value

Arjen robben insiders expect, at present, Romania industry with metal components and complete turnkey project market scale about 6 billion euros, and every year to increasing at the rate of 6%. To meet the increasing market demand of Saul, more and more international brand easily spend tens of millions of euros to expand in ROM production capacity.

At present, the ROM metal components construction market basically has two big producers, Sweden and Finland Lindab Ruukki, the two companies market share in all between 20% and 30%. Lindab romanian branch manager AndreiSulyok business group, said ROM construction metal component market is relatively complex, the company building ceiling accounts for about 13% of the market in ROM, metal ceiling, at 22%. Last year, LuoJianZhu ceiling market scale is about 1.15-130 million euros, is predicted to grow this year 10-12%. The company this year's business income of 35 million euros, a 15% increase year-on-year, the first half of the turnover of the company for 1400-15 million euros, up a rise of 25%.

In LuoJianZhu market flourished in the background, the next three to four years, the luo metal components construction market with an average annual growth will remain in at least 15% of ceiling market will have a positive impact. Lindab company started in 2002 in ROM investment expanding production capacity, by the end of October, the accumulated realize invest 8.2 million euros, mainly for the construction of factory, office building, installation platform, purchasing, production and installation of the line metal tiles, ventilation pipe and wall structure box, etc. The next two years, the company also will invest 2.5 million euros, of which 2007 years of investment for 1.2 million euros. 2008 years of investment plan include: continue to expand the end product of storage warehouse; For profiles and ventilation equipment two department purchase more production line.

With the expansion of the size of the market, Finland Ruukki company will also invest in expanding production line, and become a ROM metal building materials market of an enterprise. The company will be in Bucharest 23 km away from the long, long county invest 35 million euros a construction area of 27000 square meters of factory. The investment will be divided into two phases, including profiles and steel structure production line will be completed in September of next year, sandwich board production line in 2008 will be spring mount. 2006, the company in the growth of sales of Romania as high as 80%, the future for a period of time, the company in Russia, Ukraine and other central and eastern European countries also will accelerate the growth of sales. The company expects that, starting from next year, in ROM market products in sales growth of more than 99%. At present, the products sold in the luo 80% from Budapest, after the production of the new production line, 80% of the products will be in ROM. Local market sales, and another 20% will be sold to Bulgaria. Last year the company sales income is 3.7 billion euros, at present the stock has set up a file in the Helsinki stock exchange listing.

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