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Metallurgical enterprise development source power from the world economy especially sustained and rapid development of China's economy, the development of the enterprise means mainly include: technology innovation and management innovation, capacity expansion, capital operation support enterprise merger restructuring, and the wide use of information technology and the rapid development can make the enterprise managers management ideas and management thoughts become reality greatly quicken the speed.

Because of the rapid development of information technology and economic globalization, global capital operation has become a reality, "the global village" is the concept into a reality. Information technology in metallurgy industry direct effect is obvious, as a result of the Internet and the quick communications, and other means, metallurgical manufacturing, management and operation experience and knowledge to at the speed of light in the world within the spread and transfer; From three dimensional model technology, computer aided design and manufacturing technology of the rapid development of our new technology, and new products, from research to scale the rate of production greatly quicken, our factory, equipment from design, installation to put into production cycle greatly shorten; Automatic control equipment, process control system (PCS), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and other automation control and manufacture information technology to greatly enhance the enterprise's production capacity, improve the product quality. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM), customer relationship management (CRM), supplier relationship management (SRM) and product lifecycle management (PLM) and a series of enterprise management information technology application and development for enterprise management and offer unprecedented management transparency and strain industry market change ability, the enterprise logistics information and value information tightly integrated up, much faster enterprise decision-making and implementation of the cycle speed, the enterprise management ability greatly strengthened, and the enterprise performance enhances unceasingly. Information technology not only help enterprise to manage the enterprise internal, and will extend to the enterprise management in the supply chain, in metallurgical enterprise group by means of information can be convenient to cross-regional and across national borders under all of its management enterprise, and may, according to the needs of the value of the enterprise management, will reach the upstream and downstream to metallurgy outspread, through and the coordination of upstream and downstream firms, even through the capital operation acquisition of related companies way, directly expand enterprise internal supply chain, in metallurgy demand growth, the raw material supply become when restricting ensure raw material supply, or even through the control of raw materials supply to squeeze rivals, in metallurgy demand, sales not free, through the downstream enterprise strong close partnership, and better able to find and understand the customers, on the one hand, by offering better products and services to gain a competitive advantage, on the other hand, develop new products to meet customers and new market demand, ensure enterprise in the new competition form in an invincible position.

Second, metallurgical enterprise management information is the core strategy of one

We can see, information technology in metallurgy industry used more widely and deeply, not only such, information technology is also in all in all aspects of the impact on the world. The rapid development of the global economy and the development of the industry of metallurgy bring opportunities and challenges, and pregnant with the profound change.

Because enterprise management information is to realize enterprise managers management idea of effective tools and method, the realization of the value is not directly, and especially in management, management information value is hard to measure. We must stand in the strategic information technology to enterprise management, can't just as a kind of fashion to cater to a sort of need. Will the information technology as a tool of the idea will be optional for metallurgical enterprise with catastrophic consequences.

Enterprise is through the provide for the customer value to achieve its own value, the realization enterprise value is the enterprise strategic goals. The management of the enterprise missions is to carry out the decision directors, and follow up the implementation of the decision making process, collect the result of decision-making carry out for the next round of the decision provides the basis, through the PDCA cycle, and constantly improve the enterprise the accuracy of decision and implementation, finally realize enterprise strategic goals.

If use the traditional artificial management methods to support the rapid development of enterprise and the constant expansion of, can only through the increased management level, and with the increase of the managerial hierarchy, means that managers increase, from the decision to implementation and execution feedback from the decision-making process will be more and more slowly. Worse, because the enterprise internal interests, information in the process will upload give different degree of distortion caused, enterprise managers to ensure the effective information as close as possible to the transfer and the authenticity of information, enterprise and the need to install additional inspection mechanism to reduce this distortion, lead to the management cost rise sharply, the efficiency of management abnormal low. And if large group enterprise must carry on the cross-regional and business across national borders, but also need to be in different cultural environment and legal system of the framework of enterprise internal communication, enterprise development and expansion of the traditional management by means of restrictions.

Information technology is effective means of solving the above disadvantages. Along with the progress of information technology, make originally many impossible affairs become possible, although the enterprise management information essentially only improve management efficiency and the transparency of the management tools, but from the result, to the enterprise management will bring the revolutionary change.

In the integration, unified management information platform support, through business process reorganization, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the decision-making and implementation, enterprise in do not need to increase the management level, can easily achieve more large-scale enterprise management to. Integration, unified information platform for decision-making information directly from specific business processing collection, summary up information, without human intervention, the information is "high fidelity", at the same time, when policymakers have found abnormal information, but also through the information back function, direct found cause problems at business, and the decision of executive power strengthened, the enterprise can to flat management structure to achieve supply chain, cross-regional and across countries scale expansion.

Of course the domestic enterprise must realize the massive m&a need external environment, such as: capital market and government policy, management system, cooperate, but even if external conditions to help us to make acquisitions, and our company is already have the rapid expansion of ability? Our management ability and information system can be in a short period of time to support this merger? If the enterprise management ability is insufficient, the scale expansion brings to the enterprise is not chance but more risk, indigestion of the enterprise often becomes the object of mergers and acquisitions.

In its giant mittal metallurgy process of rapid expansion, in addition to its superman of capital operation ability, in management and technology create ability outside, but also to the right information strategic points not to open, use the same, integration of management information platform is rapidly to the one of the most important ways to mergers and acquisitions. Will unify, integration of management information platform as a carrier, mittal to in a short period of time, to the merged enterprise output management, help the merged enterprise realize to profitability, and unified, integration of management information platform also promote the management efficiency in at the same time, the whole enterprise group to bring huge gains.

"As an annual capacity of 70 million tons, the world first steel enterprise mittal London headquarters staff only 23 people, the Netherlands headquarters only 20."

Of course mittal was able to handy using the information technology support m&a, is also in information technology and the management of advanced knowledge and practice inseparable, as early as 2001 mittal started for the German three factories implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM), and has achieved good results. This shows, in metallurgy industry developing fast, industrial concentration improving environment, the management group enterprise informationization is the core strategy of one.

Three, the right management information strategy to support fast development of enterprises

Enterprise determine the management information as one of the core strategy of enterprise, also need to select the correct way of enterprise information, to make the enterprise information in enterprise bigger and stronger in the process of playing a positive role. This article mainly aims at guiding ideology, system structure and management information platform software selection, etc are expounded.

First of all, metallurgical enterprise management information to set up "to meet the demand of the industry is based on supply chain management, management as the core value of" guiding ideology.

"Measure steel enterprises should be the criterion of quality is profit, not production", kersh m · mittal said. But the steel industry in the past has been to the chase production for the leading. Some competitors seems to have started to pay attention to the idea of mittal, this kersh m mood cheerful: "they have made it clear that, if the product is unable to achieve the expected price, you have to cut production."

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