Has the potential for the development of electric slag metallurgical technology

In 1940 the United States Hopkins applied for a patent of metallurgical slag electricity later, from now on electricity slag metallurgical technology caused the people's attention. Today, the electric slag metallurgical technology in high temperature alloy and precision alloy, electric heat alloy and occupies an important position in the fields of the production, production reached more than 400 kinds.

Along with the development of the technology of metallurgical slag, at present and there has been a lot of new electric equipment and the production process of metallurgical slag, including arc remelting, clean steel slag nucleation casting, unipolar electricity slag fast remelting, bipolar electricity slag continuous casting, rotating electrode remelting technique and the liquid metal electrical slag metallurgical technology, the equipment and technology has some unique advantages and strengths, make electricity slag metallurgical technology again suggests a strong vitality and broad application prospect.

1. The arc remelting slag (ASR) absorbed the slag re-melting and vacuum arc remelting advantages. Compared to the ASR vacuum arc remelting (VAR) refining purification effect is better, than electrical slag remelting (ESR) to reduce energy consumption by 30% and slag consumption by 50%.

2. Clean steel nucleation casting (CMCN) set the slag re-melting and injection metallurgy for a suit. CMCN technology for the production of high performance turbine provide the good tool, because small grain size, to avoid the turbine not uniformity.

3. The slag fast remelting (ESRR) absorbed the characteristics of continuous casting, overcome the electricity slag remelting is inefficient, its efficiency between electric slag (ESR) re-melting and continuous casting between.

4. The two-stage electricity slag continuous casting (DESCC) also can overcome the electricity slag remelting is inefficient, use T mould. The two-stage series technology and unipolar technology comparison, the biggest advantage is low power consumption unit and has high power factor, especially in production flat pieces of and slab spindles.

5. Rotating electrode remelting from the traditional electric slag remelting is rotating electrode method of forming high end near the bottom of the electrodes. Compared with the traditional ESR advantages: reduce heat loss 9-13%, slag 10-15%, refining organization more even.

6. The liquid metal electrical slag metallurgical technology (ESS-LM) characteristic is manufacturing and prepare the power without a, can be in metal rods for the outer layer of the slag plating production compound roll.

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