From Rio case see Australia high pay professional-metallurgy geology

According to the China youth daily on July 24 days to report, July 5, HuShiTai etc four Rio tinto employees for allegedly stealing state secrets was Shanghai China national security agency XingJu. According to the report, such as HuShiTai through bribes get confidential information, information include roughly the domestic steel expensive inventory turnover days, import ore demand, tons of unit of gross margin, pig iron unit cost of financial data. "Rio case" is now in the judicial process, Chinese vice foreign minister he yafei acknowledged there said he has set up a file in the latest meeting to Australia's foreign minister introduced the situation of the Smith case, the Chinese side has plenty of evidence to prove that Rio tinto employees through illegal means for the Chinese state secrets.

Confidential stolen, let Rio found out the bottom line that China's steel industry negotiations, the Chinese side passive is self-evident. Since 2002, the soaring price of iron ore, except for 2007 years of negotiations in the Chinese initiative, and the rest of the year are in passive. Estimates show, the Chinese side for this accumulative total pay more for 700 billion yuan. Why traditional industry and metallurgy industry as the senior leaders of the two countries can be moved on, cause Australia each big media attention? Because Australian energy and rich mineral resources, many countries have relied on the abundant mineral maintain industrial production.

From Rio case see Australia high pay professional-metallurgy geology

Australia's economic growth thanks to western Australia more than half of the energy industry. Western Australia's energy exports area mainly includes: China, Asia Pacific and some European and American countries. In recent years, western Australia and China's economic and trade increases rapidly. Western Australia not only the export to China a lot of iron ore, oil and gas, nickel, energy products, will also advanced environmental engineering technology, geological exploration, mining, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, engineering and enterprise management science and technology high content of products to China. In Australia, the geological prospecting professionals is extremely scarce, are in urgent need of a large number of professionals engaged in technology development and technology management.

For the study in Australia for students, metallurgy and geological professional obtain employment is sweet BoBo. In 1911, the university of western Australia is west Australia first university, is also the most excellent five-star Australia one of the university. The 2005 college ranking of the university of western Australia in popularity, the scientific research level, teachers, graduates satisfaction to the five-star highest evaluation. In 2005 the world 200 school rankings, university of western Australia in 80.

Mineral engineering school, the university of western Australia

University of western Australia has been to provide students with abundant practice job opportunities, with the university of western Australia geological professional students excellent professional skills and good reputation in the industry, and the school and learn the curriculum of the practice, the professional did not graduate students during the period of school get many famous company of employment, and responsible for some projects of research and development and management; According to the statistics, the university of western Australia geology of graduates is 99%, they are all walks of life in Australia have found their animations.

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